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EA Sports let us disappoint consumers year after year. They steal hundreds of dollars from people around the world, at least producing mediocre content. What do we get out of the company's gluttony in gaming and gambling, which is only half the chance of winning the lottery? For debts or incentives caused by virtual gambling, 99% of our time will be lost, or servers will continue to fail, or updates will be released forever. I can continue to work for a few hours, but I don't need everyone to see that there are 1 to 1001 reasons to be annoyed with the company as a whole. We need to take a stand to get this company to provide more consumers for us, or our fans will continue to put more money into their pockets, so that they will always be mediocre, because we like the games we play. For example, if you like football, what are your options? I'll wait a moment If you love hockey, damn it. What's your choice? NHL is produced by EA. What do these games have in common? Every year there is little improvement and no love for the community. Now it's time to fight back who's with me?

Is there a transaction priority or forced transaction in the Madden 20 franchise model?

There is a practical solution: if you want to make MUT Coins transaction, you can edit the player's attributes to the level that can accept the transaction, and then edit the player back to the original value after the transaction.

Example: The Eagles don't accept Nick flowers's first round draft rights. Reduce his awareness and throw power to make him a level 60 player, then they will accept the deal. Then, when it belongs to you, you can adjust it back to the value before the transaction.

In the latest version of the franchise model, one good thing is that you can edit each player. In this way, you can solve trade problems, salary cap problems, and even the wrong draft attributes that I complained about in another article. It's not the best choice, but at least it does offer an option.

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