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I'm supposing you will melee them with Protect from Melee
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Autor:  Nanling [ Mi 23. Dez 2020, 03:53 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  I'm supposing you will melee them with Protect from Melee

Be bossy; this is not much of a tip but its helpful. If you realize there are a few doors left over the map and you need to run themmake your teammates start killing the boss; don't let them stand around. If you discover a RS gold mercenary do not back and sit and wait patiently, just take action, if folks are being timid, trick them with such baits as"ggs for many salves" whilst the ggs is indoors mercenary or ramokee. Do not let your teammates put in so little work. Bear in mind, you're already using your own time and attempt to key the floor; if they don't appreciate it and assist correctly, just kick them. Before you do this though, give a player a opportunity to redeem themselves by conducting to gate a far off door or something.

Yeah I guess that'll be okay. I have not looked in the stats but if you are in a position to finish the Void Quests, then obtaining a Korasi will be fine. It's a high stab bonus plus is also 1 Handed. Even though, a Chaotic Rapier would be the best thing to use. As it has a top attack rate/high stab/high strength bonus. Therefore, if you work towards that then you would be set.

I'm supposing you will melee them with Protect from Melee prayer. So I'd maybe change to Recipe For Disaster Gloves, Barrows if you can. Dragon Boots for your Power Bonus, since Bandos have little Prayer Bonus, and higher hits=faster kills=not as Prayer needed. I'm not positive if you can do anything for the Obsidian Cape. However, I don't know whether you're able to receive those . So here would be my gear for you: Helm- Helm of Neitnoz. Amulet- Amulet of Glory, or a lended Fury.

So I just bought 3 months of membership following a two year break. I am halfway through the first moth and moved from level 60 melee abilities to cheap OSRS gold level 70, except assault that's now 72. I'm considering training strike, power, and defence around 75 and then going into Taverly dungeon to acquire some money from blue dragons. Before I proceed to blue dragons, I'd love to find some better armour and weapons when I could. Id like to know what to buy for gear.

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