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No more Madden cash move. No more score. No heritage team. No scores is the operative word . . .there needs to be a legacy component or something we could perform throughout madden futures. Wow. This is not likely to be well received. Each of Madden 21 coins the grinding should at least give something. In years ago you could get players and fill in your group for next year. It's accurate, those were fine bonuses were not they. But certainly you did not grind all year for a couple elites next time around. No but as somebody who didnt start this season before the TOTD promo came out it seems rather useless. The console versions do not vanish when a new version comes out... You are comparing apples and oranges.

Can we even see our team from this season in MM21? It seems to me like everything is getting restarted, in that case I do not see a point in enjoying any more this season. What exactly are we connecting our account for cheap Mut 21 coins when we do not get heritage team, year score, or madden money? They definitely already have this. Might also get a 100 OVR from it. Right? This is going to lose lots of players. Wait. So madden cash doesn't carry over? It says that connecting now will give the 100 ovr package, but I already linked. Can I get it? Red said on Discord the benefits for linking will go out in 4pm now so guessing in the event that you've already connected they will appear. Does that include people who linked a few weeks ago? If already linked it ought to be OK. Just check to be certain EA account is connected. It is from the 4th quarter tab at the shop.

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