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Farewell to the desire for the past decade, we now welcome 2020 and everything it can offer. The topic of interior design masters has shifted to what home decoration will bring in the next

few years, and how they predict that our home cave will change.
When interior design is leading the minds of many of our customers, and when we choose all the details of their beautiful new shutters, our Plantation Blinds Ltd believes that providing

some insights on this may be useful.
You'nique has made a comeback in this decade because it focuses on personal expression, rather than following fashion-driven design.
Forbes contributor Amanda Lauren quotes Hagrid and West co-founder Christina Coop in her predictive trend article, which we ca n’t say Better; "People are designing their homes to reflect

their personalities and create spaces to tell their own stories. What makes you truly happy is more important than what you see in magazines or social media. We tend to It's no secret that

people seek comfort in the public. It is relevant to follow the trend, but don't be afraid to continue to let your home decoration reflect you and your family in this decade. This unique

expression may come from Bold choice of furniture, color or lighting. We recommend neutral shades to provide privacy and light control while making these statements glow.
This is especially common for those who want to use their home space as a multifunctional area-a home gym / game room / game room / living room is rolled into a large stamp with "you" on

it, which It takes some careful planning, but it can really change your space.
Make time for lasting style
As the importance of being responsible for the environment continues to grow during this decade, the responsibility to make lifestyle choices that reflect this will become more common and

an important driver for most people. Therefore, it is not surprising that "fast fashion furniture" has been released. The sustainable development trend is huge in 2019, because we posted

the A / W trend of 2019 on our blog, and the next ten years will see the continuation of these sustainable source interiors.
Making a long-term investment in quality furniture that can grow with you and your home is just one way to reduce waste and provide your home with durable luxury goods. Replace tired

curtains and blinds with internal blinds to provide durable quality in a timeless, sleek design. You can see our commitment to environmental responsibility on our environment page.
Try a vegetarian diet or a long-term conversion? Vegetarian-friendly furniture is one of the things worth noting in this decade, you can browse Goodwood or check out our blog post "Is

Vegetarian Decoration on the Rise?"
Get closer to nature
More and more people are choosing to bring the countryside to their London residence. Enjoying the comfort of these villages is a trend and will continue to move forward.
The most obvious source of inspiration for this country is the growing trend of growing plants at home. lists the benefits of this measure, including improved mental health,

productivity and air quality.
Bringing this country into your home is not exclusive to the use of plants, although Rebecca Breslin, a Louis professional, said: "This trend is about mixed models, antiques and new DeCor,

and the use of plants and low-key masters to the countryside pay tribute."
Ideal home has previously provided guidance on introducing a rustic style, including using vintage appliances, using warm woods throughout the home, and (our favorite) adding shutters to

the windows. Wallboards, buckles and baskets can also be a popular and stylish country in addition to your home.
Bold is the best
When you gradually enter self-expression through the use of color, don't be afraid to sneak into bolder colors and designs at home. recommends expressing bold color choices

through "cushions, duvet covers, personalized rugs, and wallpaper designs."
Choose these loud colors to encourage your window treatment blocks or mute colors to dazzle these eye-catching trays. Why not take a look at our color collection and see how your plantation

shutters can combine your interiors to add warmth to your room this winter?
Green is good
Turning attention to 2020 and this year, everyone has a color on their brains, lips, and swatches. green.
After Dulux announced its 2020 color as "Quiet Dawn", this already popular interior color choice gained momentum.
Interior designer Melanie Lissack predicted in her blog that green will occupy a significant place in 2020, with noteworthy uses in units, doors and decorations throughout the home.

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