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About Wilson
Guangzhou Wilson Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Chinese South Gate, Guangzhou, China, specializing in ozone generator's R & D, production, sales and service, widely used in the development and production of all kinds of ozone generators for air purifier and water treatment. We provide Ozone Generators from the very small to the very large, 200mg-5kg ozone generator, The core types of ozone generators are quartz tube, ceramic and enamel, widely used in water and air treatment. Products are exported to Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and dozens of countries. We supply ozone systems, ozone generators, and ozone-related accessories along with providing service, repair, and maintenance services.
The CEO and founder of Guangzhou Wilson Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd has been involved in the design, ozone generator manufacture and distribution. The Wilson line was developed to provide a high quality product at an affordable price for commercial users and consumers. These units had to be very easy to operate, portable and easy to maintain in the field. Another requirement was that the products also had to be manufactured to the highest standards in order to let lifetime over 3 years. As a result, Wilson's ozone products are very popular to customer all over the world.
Whether you are looking for your first ozone machine, upgrades to your existing system or service and maintenance parts let our ozone application engineers help you find the right equipment for your application. We would be glad to put our experience to work for you, and must let you satisfied our products quality and service. Our most of ozone products have passed CE, ROHS etc.
We are the 8 years ozone generator factory, Wilson was formed by ozone application experts who wanted to take knowledge of ozone and uses for ozone to new heights. We have big engineers team and after-sales service team. We focus on high quality ozone generator, oxygen concentrator, UV water sterilizer, ozone tube, oxygen generation unit, mixing pump, air compressor, venturi, gas water mixing pump, static mixer, silicone tube, ozone monitor etc. We also done many projects: Hotel air purifier, Factory/restaurant/smoking air purifier, toilet air water purifier, Garbage house air purifier, swimming pool water treatment, drinking/waste water treatment, aquaculture system, etc.
Our goal is to provide engineering services along with consulting and basic advice on how ozone may work for your application, offer you best ozone products to really solve your problem. Wilson provide global good quality ozone products to all of our customer, let the customers satisfied and happy in the life.
About Wilson products line
1. Ozone generator:
Mini & Small ozone generator: 200mg-500mg/hr ozone generator for car, shoes small space air purifier.
Portable ozone generator: 1g-10g/hr ozone generator for home, office, toilet, hotel, pets house, hospital, smoking place, middle place air purifier and water treatment.
Big ozone generator: 15g-5kg ozone generator for swimming pool, factory, aquaculture, waste water house, farm, large place air purifier and water treatment.
2. Oxygen generator:
improve the oxygen in the water and air, let people live in a healthy environment. It is also can match our ozone generator to use for air purifier and water treatment. The oxygen generator can improve the ozone generator concentration, faster and more efficiently.
3. Spare Parts:
ozone tube, oxygen concentrator, UV water sterilizer, oxygen generation unit, mixing pump, air compressor, venturi, gas water mixing pump, static mixer, silicone tube, ozone monitor etc. Most of our spare parts have stock, can offer to you any time.
4. Projects:
Hotel air purifier
Factory water treatment
restaurant food smell air purifier
Club smoking air purifier
Toilet air water treatment
Garbage house air purifier
Swimming pool water treatment
drinking water treatment
Waste water treatment
Decolorization of jeans
Home water treatment
Office air purifier
Pets odor remove
Water tower treatment
Chicken farm air purifier and water treatment
Aquaculture system water treatment, etc.
About Wilson products applications:
1. Air conditioning:
Bacteria and fungi is a health hazard and source of bad smell in air conditioning systems. Wilson Ozone machine can prevent formation of biofilms and eliminate airborne spores, viruses and bacteria.
2. Air disinfection:
Wilson Ozone generator may be used to disinfect large air volumes, such as hospital waiting rooms. Killing bacteria, spores and viruses. As such ozone is a good choice to reduce the spread of disease in closed spaces.
3. Food storage:
Reducing the presence of microorganisms is vital for the preservation of most food stocks. By employing Wilson ozone system treatment, microorganisms can be eliminated in all stages between production, storage and packaging.
4. Hotel Rooms:
Wilson Ozone cleaner is an environmentally friendly and very efficient method for removing bad smell from mold, tobacco smoke, sweat, garbage, food etc.
5. Mold & Mildew removal:
Mold spores is largely present in everyday life, provided good growth conditions the spores of mold and Mildew will grow. Wilson Ozone treatment is a powerful solution used for combating Mold and Mildew issues, simple, powerful and safe for the environment.
6.Smoking Rooms:
Due to the almost constant exposure to smoke in these rooms, it can become a revolting experience entering such rooms, even for those who smoke. Wilson Ozone fresher can leave the room odour-free as the gas reacts with the smoke molecules, effectively separating them and allowing them to dissipate and thus making the areas more welcoming to guests.
Ozone treatment can also be used in many other water treatment applications such as the following:
7. Aquariums and water tanks
Wilson Ozone water purifier used to treat circulating water from water-borne diseases and enable low operational costs.
8. Car washes and air purifier
By treating the water with Wilson ozone machine, it is possible to overcome problems associated with harmful microbiological pathogens. By using ozone as a disinfectant for the water and car air odor, you kill off all fungi, bacteria and viruses that can cause problem. This allows for the water to be recycled more efficiently and air cleaner, leading to improved economic and environmental performance.
9. Fruit and vegetable
Fruits & vegetables industry use flume waste wash for surface disinfection & pesticide cleaning. Most common disinfectant in chlorine & its derivatives like sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide etc. use of chlorine is very dangerous when it comes in contact with impurities present on food & vegetable. Wilson ozone generator can replace chlorine, disinfection & pesticide cleaning fruit and vegetable, without second pollution, let the fruit and vegetable clean and fresh.
10. Swimming Pool
Swimming pool is very popular to the people who want to play water and swim, special summer. The water quality is very important, most of swimming pool owner use chlorine to treat the water. Use of chlorine is very dangerous, it will damage our skin and eyes, Wilson ozone purifiers can replace chlorine, kill bacteria and remove odor in the pool water, no second pollution, and keep people healthy.
11. Industrial Waste Water
All effluent treatment plant has primary secondary & tertiary stages as a part of the scheme. For high efficiency & polishing Wilson ozone is used in tertiary stage of ETP here ozone effectively reduces color, odor, COD, BOD & micro organisms.
12. Cooling tower
Cooling tower needs water treatment involving disinfections. Due to continuous circulation of water in cooling tower, water gets contaminated & slim formation takes place. This slim with hardness scale & dirt forms a layer, which significantly affects the heat exchange efficiency of C. T. Therefore cooling tower circulation water continuously needs to be treated. Using Wilson ozone as a disinfectant, treatment efficiency can be enhanced without adding any residual or by product chemical which does not increase the TDS of water.
13. Aquaculture water
Hatchery & fisheries raw water is very important. The raw water quality will affect the shrimp and fish quality and health. Wilson Ozone water system used to treat raw water, Sterilization, Detoxification, Deodorization.

14. Drinking water
With the development of the world, water quality is more and more important. Before drinking the water, Ozone is very quick in water disinfection, very strong oxidant on organics, disinfection and sterilization for drinking water.
About Wilson Certification
We are 8 years ozone generator factory, we focus on good quality and high efficient ozone generator. Most of our ozone generator have our own patent and passed the CE, RoHs, ISO etc.
About Wilson Service:
We are committed to providing our customers with multifunctional ozone generator and ozone machine spare parts. All of our ozone products are factory price. Your satisfaction is our infinite pursuit. We are not trying to sell our products to our customers, but to help our customers solve problems better.

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