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It is essential for providing long term resistance to corrosion for many components exposed to oil and gas production environments.Components include downhole tubing and safety critical elements,wellhead and Xmas tree components and valves,pipelines,piping,vessels,heat exchangers and many other pieces of equipment in facilities.There are many CRAs to select from,and they can be characterised by their resistance to specific environments such as 1CR,3CR,9CR,13CR,Super-13Cr etc.
Size 1.050"~20"
Material Grade L80-1Cr\L80-3Cr\L80-9Cr\L80-13Cr\Super-13Cr
Thread Type NUE\EUE\BTC\STC\LTC\All kinds of Premium Connection\High performance threads
Length R1,R2,R3
Standard API Spec 5CT/ISO 11960
Product Description
Size Outside Diameter(mm) Wall Thickness(mm)
1.050" 26.67 2.87-3.91
1.315" 33.40 3.38-4.55
1.660" 42.16 3.18-4.85
1.900" 48.26 3.18-7.64
2.063" 52.40 4.73-6.58
2-3/8" 60.32 5.86-10.89
2-7/8" 73.02 9.17-17.05
3-1/2" 88.9 11.29-25.04
4" 101.60 13.57-32.89
4-1/2" 114.30 18.23-38.79
4-1/2" 114.30 5.21-8.56
5" 127.00 5.59-12.7
5-1/2" 139.70 6.20-22.22
6-5/8" 168.28 7.32-12.06
7" 177.80 5.87-22.22
7-5/8" 193.68 7.62-19.05
7-3/4" 196.85 15.11
8-5/8" 219.08 6.71-14.15
9-5/8" 244.48 7.92-20.24
10-3/4" 273.05 7.09-20.24
11-3/4" 298.45 8.46-14.78
13-3/8" 339.72 8.38-13.06
16" 406.40 9.53-16.66
18-5/8" 473.08 11.05
20" 508.00 11.13-16.13
The CRA Tubular Series has good long-term corrosion resistance, can effectively resist sulfur, acid, and CO2.Increase the service life of the oil casing.
1. Our company has specialized in this line for many years;
2.We can produce the oil Casing and tubing as customers requirement;
3.Unique packing according to customer.
4. Strict quality control and competitive price;
5. Fast delivery;
6. 24hours email reply and good after-sales service.
Packade Steel band baling,Bulking
Delivery Within 15-120 days(Based on actual quantity)
Shippment By sea,By air
Customer Show

Test & Inspection
According to API 5CT,API 5B or customer specified standards strict inspection and test system is used before shipping including appearance inspection, dimension inspection, chemical composition inspection, performance test, strength test, tensile test, hardness test, NDT, hydrostatic test, etc.

Q: How many days of your delivery?
A: According to your quantity.

Q: What is your main payment itme?
A: 30% down payment,70% paid before delivery.

Q: Surface coating?
A: Anti-rusted painting, varnish painting, galvanized, and as per customers' request.

Q: Packing?
A: In bundles or in loose, plastic pipe cap or pipe end protector, or as per customers' request.

Q: Shipment terms?
A: Container vessel, bulk cargo ship, train, land transportation.

We would like to establish long term business with any reliable partner in the world . Any interesting or questions, pls don't hesitate to contace us . Waiting for your kindly reply . Thanks


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