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titanium elbow
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Autor:  igoqusyhejiwy [ Sa 23. Okt 2021, 16:37 ]
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The ways to connect with the pipe are: direct welding (the most common way) flange connection, hot melt connection, electrofusion connection, threaded connection and socket connection, etc. According to the production process, it can be divided into: welding elbow, stamping elbow, push elbow, casting elbow, butt welding elbow, etc. Other names: 90 degree elbow, right angle bend, etc.

application: To connect two pipes with the same or different nominal diameters, so that the pipeline can be turned at 90°, 45°, 180° and various degrees.
A bending radius less than or equal to 1.5 times the pipe diameter belongs to an elbow, and more than 1.5 times the pipe diameter belongs to an elbow.

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