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Compression springs refer to coil springs that bear axial pressure. The material used for it is mostly circular in cross-section but also rolled with rectangular and multi-strand steel. The spring is generally of the equal pitch. The shapes of compression springs include cylindrical, conical, convex and concave, and non-circular. There will be a certain gap between the coils of the compression spring. When it is subjected to the external load, the spring shrinks and deforms, storing deformation energy.

As a custom compression spring manufacturer, KENENG is able to manufacture and sell standard stock compression springs as well as custom size and style springs. With our exceptional production capabilities, we can ensure a wide variety of lengths, materials, end and pitch configurations, applied finishes, and optional certifications. We also stock many standard sizes.

Non-standard spring customization needs customers to coordinate design and production with us, according to the actual use of the environment, installation space, pressure size to choose the material of the spring, line diameter, size, and special processing technology.

KENENG can provide spring customization as following

1. Specifications: Wire diameter, OD(Outside diameter) or ID( Inside diameter), Free length, Coil numbers, Active coil numbers.

2. Technical requirements: Turing direction ( left hand / right hand), Material, Finishing, Spring force, End type ( Closed /Grounded/ Close and grounded/Open)

KENENG has focused on spring design, R & D, production, manufacturing, and surface treatment for 17 years. Processing and production of various 0.1-90mm compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, disc springs, leaf springs, and special-shaped springs.

KENENG has complete production and testing equipment and advanced production technology. It has various specifications of a fully automatic computer spring coiling machine, computer spring grinding machine, continuous mesh belt quenching furnace, tempering furnace, spring tension and compression testing machine, spring fatigue testing machine, and a complete set of spring hot coil equipment. It mainly produces various compression springs, tension springs, disc springs, torsion springs, leaf springs, export garage door/rolling gate/flap door springs, special-shaped springs, and various springs.

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