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Marine mooring is a ship state, including the ties of docks, floating cylinders, or other mooring boats, mooring line required, relying on cable to fix the boat. The mooring bollard refers to the bollard fixed on the deck or the pier to tie the cable. It is generally made through metal casting or welding. Because it is very stressed when used, the base is very firm. In order to prevent the cable from slipping, the bollard is generally covered with a bollard cap which is slightly larger than the pile. The bollards are usually mounted on the front of the bow, the stern of the ship.
The mooring bollard has a specific shape. After thriving into the water, it can quickly engage the bottom to generate the grasping force. The vessel or other floating system is left to the special appliance of the designated water via anchor chain or anchor cable. A first anchor is installed on the outside of the ship's left and right bulldone, another anchor of the same specification is placed at the deck for spare use.

There are various types of marine bollards, including curved dock bollard, cruciform bollard, double cruciform bollard, double bitt mooring bollard, kidney-shaped bollard, staghorn bollard also known as twin horn dock bollard, T head bollard.

Arrangement Requirements Of Mooring Bollard

The piles which provide cable assistance for dragging, are arranged in the front and stern and the direction should be consistent with the cable dragging direction. The chock and the fairlead should be maintained at a certain distance, which should not be less than 6 times the diameter of the mooring bollard for a large vessel and not less than 10 times the diameter for a small ship, generally within the range of 1.5 ~ 2.5m, to provide enough deck for mooring assistance rope, no obstacle allowed within 1m around the bollard, and the distance between the outer edge of the bollard and the gunnel should not be less than 1.5 times the diameter of the mooring bollard.

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